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Why openings in our bodies are special

We have openings in our ears that help us to hear, and we have openings in our nose that help us to smell. Our mouth is a very special  opening  because it carries food into our bodies and we have to keep it very clean and healthy. All of our openings are special and we have to take good care of them.

Openings help us breathe air into our lungs, eat and digest food, drink, go to the toilet, feed  babies, give birth to babies, make  babies, hear sounds, smell things that smell, taste and  talk.

Most of the time our openings will look after themselves.
One thing we shouldn't do, is touch  or play around with  anyone's openings, because they are very special, and the smallest germs can spread inside us, and make us sick.


All Rights Reserved. © 2010, A. Smith