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Since being introduced to Bin Magic in 2003 I have used it on numerous occasions when I have been bothered by voices and depression, and have got rid of these hindrances, with the help of the Bin Magic procedure, Basically the bad thoughts were replaced with positive bins, which led to positive thinking and attitude in general life. These positive bins give a sense of confidence and protection.

At  times when I do have a rough day, I refer to the bin magic brochure, reading through the bins for consolation. I don't dwell on the bins, but it's good to know they are there if I need them. It's a kind of magic, if thoughts are annoying you, you can use the bins to put it out of your mind.

Initially my favourite bins were the Recycled, Flick, Trash, Banish, Cruising, and No-Ones talking about me Bins, and I have progressed through several bins, with my favourite bins now being, the Cool, Classic, Courage and Confidence bins, that I see as symbols of character and bravery, that I feel every man has to have. From time to time I still refer to bin magic for it's consoling and continuing benefits. 

I also use the peace method, which helps me get to sleep, and the need for drugs to help me sleep is no longer. I am also aware that other people are sleeping better, with the use of the peace theory.
As a result I have kicked illegal drugs for the past five years, and plus, have stopped smoking cigarettes, for the last seven months. Alcohol is also under control, when once it was being abused, as myself was, and I am a social drinker only now, at times going months without having a drink. My sleep pattern is now in order where once it was totally erratic. 

My Schizophrenia has receded by 50%. I am less angry and feel more in control of my life.
I have explained the bin magic process to other sufferers of Schizophrenia and will gladly testify that it has not only helped me, but these others as well.

                                                 Jack Trinity.

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