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Through two simple stories, "Koala and Bunny" and "Why Openings are Special", the aim is to help prevent the sexual abuse of children  by making children aware that they have private body parts that no one else is allowed to touch or tickle. When children are old enough to attend to their own hygiene, they should be encouraged to wash and dry the private parts of their bodies themselves. It is hoped that children will learn that although it's okay for them to touch their own private body parts in private, it is wrong for anyone else to touch, play with or tickle them and its wrong for anyone else to ask them to touch their private body parts. If this happens, you, the parent, need to know. If a child tells you that someone has behaved sexually, please believe the child and inform your child abuse helpline (usually in the emergency section at the front of phone books). Youths and adults who use children for sex need help. When the instigator is another child, you need to work out whether this is normal sexual curiosity or a sign that the other child has been abused and is re-enacting what happened. Curiosity involves same-age children, is short-lasting and consists of  "You show me yours and I'll show you mine" - an equal partnership that usually involves looking rather than touching. If the behaviour involves inserting objects, threats, secrets, porn language, requests for oral sex, tricks, or an older child, it is not normal curiosity and should be reported to the child abuse report line.

All Rights Reserved. © 2010, A. Smith