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We can let unwanted thoughts and/or voices, annoy us, or we can divert them. If you find yourself being bothered by unwanted thoughts and / or voices, try pretending you have a bin that you can chuck unwanted thoughts into. Choose a bin, or a few bins, either from the list, or invent your own bin.Have fun, and just play with them. Change the names of any bins to suit yourself. Think positive and avoid negative bins. and remember, they're your bins.

Bins for Attitude

 Some people use their bin to source Attitude, for example, peace, courage, calm, or wisdom. Instead of throwing things into it they draw from the Peace Bin or the Courage Bin or the Cruisin' Bin, or the Stay Cool Bin.Depending on one's emotional needs there can be a bin to focus on. The possibilities here are endless, they're your bins.

Bins For Situations

 We can use the bins  for different situations and  here's a few examples. You might think of it as sourcing attitude from a certain bin.

For Relationships, you might use bins such as Destiny, Choice, Cool, Courage, Faith, Time Out, Forgive, Hope, Lesson, Positive, Respect, Soul, Space, Yes Dear.

For stuff you are not interested in, you might use bins like, Banishment, Back  off, Bulldust, Chasm, Delete, Don't Need It, Dump, Erase, Go away, History, Not On, Off, Sin, Time Out, Past, Pause, Wait, Trash.

For stuff that is really cool, you might use bins like Classic, Nice, U Beaut,  Fab, Great, Heavenly, Unreal.

For stuff that is Personal you might use  bins like Love, Magic, Faith, Personal, Morals, Private, Keep it to Myself, My.

And for stuff  you know will come back  around  you  might use bins like Recycled, Later, Boomerang  or Wait.

If someone is feeling fearful they might use a bin like the Normal, Not Me, No ones talking about me, Coincidence, This is not happening.

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