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 I had never given a thought to putting an imaginary bin in ones' head, until meeting Jack, a long time sufferer of Schizophrenia. I decided to try and help him with his illness and suggested he put a recycled bin in his head, that he could channel his thoughts and voices into as a diversionary tactic. Jack thought this was a good idea and within a few months, Bin Magic was born.

Jacks' Schizophrenia has receded by fifty percent. He is less angry, and feels more in control of his life. Jacks' wife says that it is wonderful, when she wakes during the night and finds her husband sound asleep. Jack does use the Peace Method ( see below ) and says that this helps him to get to sleep.  Jacks' need for drugs, to help his sleep is now no longer, and he is shown an interest in a course in Nursing, with a special interest in helping sufferers of Schizophrenia. He says he is more Positive. He uses several bins on a regular basis and some of his favourites are, Recycled Bin, Flick Bin, Trash Bin, Banish Bin, and No-Ones Talking About Me Bin.

See Jacks Testimony for more

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