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Faith is a 21 year old wife of a Police Officer, and mother of three, who invented her
own bin, the " not wanted bin ", and adds, " it is a relief to have discovered bin magic".

Angel is a 5 year old girl who chucks the things she knows
will get her in trouble with Mum in her get away bin.

Paul is a 55 year old truck driver who says, " In a way, I have a bin when I discard
thoughts, and we all do. People who don't need bins still sort of use a bin ".

Jack is a 45 year old long time sufferer of schizophrenia, and the person who inspired Bin Magic.
Jack says, It's a kind of magic, if thoughts are annoying you you can use the bins to put it out of your mind. Jack adds when he is having a rough day he refers to the bin magic brochure, reading through the list of bins for consolation. Jacks' favourite bins include, Cruising, Back off, and No-ones talking about me. Jack doesn't dwell on the bins and adds it's good to know they are there if he needs them. (See Jacks' Testimony and "How Bin Magic came about". for more of Jacks' story)

Joy is an 50 year old Executive who I recently heard reply to a question
from one of her staff, “Can’t do, I’m in the busy bin at the moment”.

Mahalia is a 21 year old receptionist who invented, and uses one bin, the " wait bin ".

Dennis is a 63 year old carpenter who says, " Bin Magic really works, I couldn't get
to sleep for want of trying, 'till I put the thought in the dust bin and put the lid on ".
(Dennis invented the "dust bin", and the concept of  putting a lid on a bin).

Peter is a 50 year old Engineer and manager of an automotive workshop who I introduced
Bin Magic to, and was a little surprised to hear that he is using a Delete Bin, and that every
day when he finishes work, all his work associated thoughts go into his Delete bin. I was
surprised that a  person with a University degree had recognized the Merits of Bin Magic.

Sally is a 51 year old long time sufferer of Schizophrenia who invented, and uses one bin,
“the feeling good bin,  and adds, Bin Magic has restored my confidence and self-esteem".

Rhonda is the Manager of a thrift shop and quotes " I use the bins to discard  bad things ".

Carol-Lee is a 21 year old office worker who invented, and uses the stress bin.

Daniel a 16 year old boy who, years after Carol-Lees' inventing of the
Stress Bin re-invented the "stress bin" as his one and only bin.

Mike is a 24 year old mechanic who when told about Bin Magic, his 
immediate reply was, I just need the one bin, the chill out bin.

Benny is a 13 year old boy who I recently told about Bin Magic. Within twenty-four hours he said
Bin Magic is great, and that he was using a dump bin and a love bin. Within seventy-two hours
he had told me that his friends in seven Brisbane high schools were playing with Bin Magic.

Alwyn is a 27 year old Salesman for a large produce firm. When introducing
Bin Magic to him, he immediately approved of theidea and uses three bins,
the Soul Bin, The Flick Bin, and The Recycle Bin.

Melody is an 11 year old girl who heard about Bin Magic from a girl
friend of the same age and says Bin Magic is very popular.

Olive is a 12 year old girl who I recently called to " Are you chucking the
troubles of today in the 21 bin and enjoying your youth, with herreply
being, " I’ll chuck you in the erase bin  if you keep  annoying me ".

Karen is a 40 year old who says "the Peace Theory really works".

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