The Salvation Army in the Australia Eastern Territory is pleased to Endorse "Koala and Bunny" (including sister material of "Rhino and Elephant" and "Squirrel and Bunny") as a valuable asset and helpful resource for teaching children protective behaviours. (Global) James Condon, Commissioner, Australia Eastern Territory. www.aue.thesalvationarmy.org

“The Rotary Club of Nundah is pleased to Endorse (the Child Protection Books/Strategies) Koala and Bunny, Rhino and Elephant and Squirrel and Bunny as valuable tools in teaching children protective behaviours”.  (Global) Chris Johnston, President 2014. Rotary Club of Nundah. http://nundahrotary.org.au/

Kurbingui Sporting Association Inc., is pleased to Endorse Koala and Bunny as a valuable child safety resource and we are aware that it is being used within our community. We encouage everyone in the community to use this resource.(Australia) Kurbingui Sporting Association Incorporated. 2014. http://kurbinguisports.org.au/

Sexual Assault Clinic (South Africa) is pleased to Endorse Koala and Bunny as an exceptional tool to use with children for teaching correct behaviour.
(Africa) Michelle Bellion, Director, Sexual Assault Clinic, Benoni , Gauteng, South Africa. http://www.sexualassaultclinic.org 


"Kurbingui Sporting Association Inc., is pleased to Endorse Koala and Bunny as a valuable child safety resource and we are aware that it is being used within our community. We encouage everyone in the community to use this resource.(Australia) Kurbingui Sporting Association Incorporated. 2014. http://kurbinguisports.org.au/

"I am pleased to Endorse Koala and Bunny as a useful resource to help prevent children from becoming victims of abuse".(Australia) Barry Watson, Elder in Residence, Communities for Children Life Community, The Salvation Army,  http://salvos.org.au/communitiesforchildren/

Bud Ja Djan Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Indigenous Mens Council are pleased to Endorse and Support the Koala and Bunny Child Protection   Publications".    Edward Monaei. President 2014. Bud Ja Djan Aboriginal and Torres Straits Islander Indigenous Mens Council. (Australia)   https://www.facebook.com/pages/Bud-Ja-Djan-Aboriginal-and-Torres-Strait-Islander-Mens-Council/562865153731313

“Koala and Bunny provides a simple platform for children to have conversations about protective behaviours.”(Australia) Dr Chris Sarra. Executive Director, Stronger Smarter Institute. www.strongersmarter.qut.edu.au

"Koala and Bunny is a great way of touching on and dealing with the delicate and sensitive issue of prevention of sexual abuse, while also bringing the message of health and hygiene". (Australia) Tiga Bayles. General Manager. 98.9fm Brisbane Indigenous Media Association. http://www.989fm.com.au

Al, it is a great pleasure to be part of this wonderful cast and we are aiming on taking it to greater heights.When are you gonna invite us over? Thulo Moshe Kabi. South Africa Police Service Academy Benoni Academy Rhyn n Elly(Africa) https://www.facebook.com/pages/SAPS-Benoni-Academy-Rhyn-n-Elly/739486506093721

The play simply deals with teaching children about hygiene, looking after themselves and protecting themselves from strangers and germs, but to a child that is being sexually molested or groomed it has a deeper meaning and empowers that child to come forth and report what is happening to them. Mr Al Smith the brain behind children's protective behaviour we say "big ups " to you and your hard work.  Emmy M Legodi South Africa Police Service Academy  (Africa)  Benoni  Academy Rhyn n Elly https://www.facebook.com/pages/SAPS-Benoni-Academy-Rhyn-n-Elly/739486506093721

"I purposely gave the Koala and Bunny book to my daughter ( mother of 2 under 5 ) to help educate my grandchildren on this touchy subject ! My daughter was and is very happy with it's content and the way it is presented - thank you, Al Smith".(Australia) Principal Syl Johns, Principal, Kurbingui Sporting Association,

"Engaging. Presents issues and behaviours that are taboo for some families to recognise and accept.
Recognises the need for validation and enforcement with love, in terms of developing intimacy for young ones".(Phillipines)  Marikar.

Thanks for your hard work Alan. We can copy the books here at our Clinic No problems. Thanks again.(Australia) Shaz Pope, Acting Practice Manager/Registered Nurse ATSICHS Northgate

"Koala and Bunny is a really great tool for installing protective behaviours in Children, from a very young age".(Australia) Fred Leone, Musician. www.impossibleoddsrecords.com

“Koala and Bunny is an essential interchange of information between parents and children for developing trust and ongoing communication. It fills a niche”.(Tonga) Bernard Sanft. (Post Grad. Cert., Youth and Community Work)

“I was a youth worker for 13 years and in this time worked with young parents and children. Within the education system, on the streets and also youth justice. If you have little ones Al's book is definitely a must have. Koala and Bunny installs protective behaviors in young children. I read it to my kids literally once a week. It's getting recognition worldwide and is something that all parents should have. I've seen it from it's early stages through to the finished book that has been published. I highly recommend Koala & Bunny”. (Australia) Fred Leone, Director of Impossible Odds Records Pty Ltd & Freelance Creative Producer

"A simple and straight forward approach that is easy to explain to kids" .(Australia) Cepha Mother of six.

"Interesting and helpful".(Australia) Alex Davidson, Grandfather.

"Koala and Bunny is deadly. I gave it to my grandchildren for Christmas".(Australia) Leanne, Grandmother.

"My six year old daughter loves Koala and Bunny. She takes it everywhere with her and is always colouring it in".(Australia) Euranda. Mother of Six.

"Koala and Bunny is a revolution in Child Protection".(Australia) Francis Grandmother.

" This book should be in every pre-school.(Australia) John, Survivor of abuse".

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